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Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga with British Wheel of Yoga

Movement and sport had always played an important role in my life. I used to play volleyball, racing cars, run half marathons, 10k, 5k, obstacle races… Going to gym and working out daily…

Over the years at the age of 36, I came to the realization that my body needs to stretch seriously so this has lead me to the decision of taking my first ever yoga class in the gym. I went to the class just to stretch! Somehow, something within yoga asana practice kept drawing me back to do more classes. Within a year I was practicing yoga five times a week and dropping out everything else.

Few years on I felt like I had to share all that good things happened to me with the practice of yoga with everyone else. This lead me to do my yoga teacher training. I completed 300 hours of Yoga Teacher training with British Wheel of Yoga.

I teach yoga classes for mixed abilities because I love different levels practicing together. I guess this comes from my personal practice of Mysore style Ashtanga Primary Series. I can describe my classes as suitable for mixed abilities focused on linking breath with movement. They are not about being the most flexible or doing the best tricks; they are all about appearing on the mat each time and doing your best and enjoying the process. You will see your body will open up and progress each week. Every class is unique as I change the sequence to keep you on toes.

I teach in stages so I offer modifications and variations regarding the abilities of the practitioners therefore allowing everyone in the room to benefit from the class.

I teach people how to move their bodies so they can feel stronger, mobile, stable and balanced. So therefore I can say that I help people to have more clarity to feel more energized and centered.

In my classes I offer a comprehensive practice that everyone can choose their own level. I like to guide my students with kindness and mindfulness by allowing them to decide the depth of their practice on daily basis. Laughter and jokes are allowed as long as we keep the breath and the movement flow together.



Level 4 Certificate in Teaching Yoga with British Wheel of Yoga.


•Applied anatomy and physiology and the teaching of asana.

•Yoga breathing practices and relaxation

•Planning for teaching and the responsibilities of a yoga teacher.

•Planning and delivering a yoga course.

•Teaching asana: observation, adjustment and protection of vulnerable areas of the body.

Didem has completed formation course The Healing Power of Sound in Ananda Mandira Gong Yoga.